"So, You're Thinking About Retirement?"


How do I invest my savings/portfolio during retirement?

What is a reasonable spending rate for my portfolio?

Should I consider additional quarantees?



Savings Accounts, CD's, IRA's, 401(k) Plans ...

Do you want "Maybe Income" or "Gauranteed Income" when you retire?

Would you like to learn how to structure your savings, CD's, IRA and/or 401(k) so it provides you with a sustainable income for life. Most of us will need income from our savings, IRA's and 401(k) plans after we retire. We specialize in helping our clients structure, set up their own Personal Pension to supplement Social Security and fight against inflation. By working with eMark Financial, we can help you acheive FOUR things; 1) Protect your principal. 2) get sustainable income for life. 3) have growth potential with downside protection. 4) stay in control of your money in case your needs change.

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"So, You're Thinking About Retirement?"